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  • ISASS policy statement for Lumbar Arthroplasty 2015 (View Online Article)
  • Lumbar Total Disc Replacement for Discogenic Low Back Pain: Two-year Outcomes of the activL Multicenter Randomized Controlled IDE Clinical Trial. Garcia R Jr, Yue JJ, Blumenthal S, Coric D, Patel VV, Leary SP, Dinh DH, Buttermann GR, Deutsch H, Girardi F, Billys J, Miller LE. Spine. 2015 Dec; 40(24): 1873-81.
  • Evaluation of Impingement Behaviour in Lumbar Spinal Disc Arthroplasty. Grupp TM, Yue JJ, Garcia R Jr, Kaddick C, Fritz B, Schilling C, Schwiesau J, Blomer W. European Spine Journal. 2015 Sep; 24(9): 2033-46.
  • Biotribological Evaluation of Artificial Disc Arthroplasty Devices: Influence of Loading and Kinematic Patterns during in Vitro Wear Simulation. Grupp TM, Yue JJ, Garcia R Jr, Basson J, Schwiesau J, Fritz B, Blomer W. European Spine Journal. 2009 Jan; 18(1): 98-108.
  • Evaluation of the Learning Curve and the Importance of Surgical Volume for Lumbar Total Disc Replacement: An Analysis of the Prospective, Randomized, Multicenter FDA IDE Study of the Charite Artificial Disc. Regan JJ, MacAfee PC, Blumenthal SL, Guyer RD, Geisler FH, Garcia, R, Maxwell JH. Roundtable in Spine Surgery. Volume 1, November 2, 97-108, 2005.
  • Complications and Clinical Outcome of Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement vs. Fusion: Results form the Randomized, Mulitcenter FDA Study of the Charite Artificial Disc. Holt RT, Blumenthal SL, McAfee PC, Majd ME, Guyer RD, Isaza JE, Hoschschuler SH, Geisler FH, Garcia R, Regan JJ, Ohnmeiss DD. European Spine Journal, Volume 14, Supplement 1, Sep 2005.
  • A prospective, randomized, Multicenter Food and Drug Administration investigational device exemptions study of lumbar total disc replacement with the Charite artificial disc versus lumbar fusion: part I evaluation of clinical outcomes. Blumenthal S, McAfee PC, Guyer RD, Hoschschuler SH, Geisler FH, Holt RT, Garcia R, Regan JJ, Ohnmeiss DD, Spine. 2005 Jul 15;30(14):1565-75.
  • Artificial Intervertebral Discs and Beyond: A North American Spine Society Annual Meeting Symposium. Blumenthal SL, Ohnmeiss DD, Guyer R, Hoschschuler SH, McAfee P, Garcia R, Salib R, Yuan H, Lee C, Bertagnoli R, Bryan V, Winter R, Spine J. 2003 Nov-Dec: 2(6): 460-463.


Dr. Garcia provides medical care for all orthopedic conditions while providing particular training and expertise in spinal conditions.

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