Second Opinion

As a recognized international expert in spine surgery, Dr. Garcia is often asked to perform second opinions and/or consultations on patients outside of the state as well as outside of the country. In order to facilitate the process, second opinions and consultations can be organized via telephone and/or internet.

If traveling for a consultation is preventing you from obtaining a second opinion please contact us at 305-937-1999 and or by email at to begin the process.

  1. Information usually required and to be included in your inquiry:
    Chief Complaint: Neck, Mid-back, Low back, Upper Extremities, Lower Extremities
    Previous Treatment: Physical Therapy, Chiropractor, Medications, Injections, Previous Surgery, etc.
  2. X-rays within 3 months
  3. CT scan within 6 months
  4. MRI within 6 months

Pricing based on extent of record review and imaging studies.


Dr. Garcia provides medical care for all orthopedic conditions while providing particular training and expertise in spinal conditions.

Spinal Conditions Treated


For all scheduling questions or to schedule an appointment, call (305) 937-1999.

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